Tyndale launches support services through trusted partnerships

Image credit: Work2survive, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

As specialists in technical writing, Tyndale has focussed most of its efforts over the years on creating and maintaining technical documents for its clients, and that is still very much where its expertise lies. However, there are other aspects concerned with providing technical information that need to be considered if it is to bring the maximum benefit to your business and your customers.

Just as technology is ever-changing, so the way we consume information changes, also often driven by new technology. Globalisation, even after the challenges of the pandemic, shows no sign of abating, making products that transcend national boundaries more valuable than ever. Documents to support those products need to be available to everyone who needs them, at any moment. And video, which once was such a rarity, is now ubiquitous on social media.

Recognising these facts, Tyndale is pleased to announce that it can offer clients a series of new services that it will deliver in association with trusted partners in the following areas:

  • Managing the translation of documents to ensure consistent terminology and styling.
  • Offering secure version control and distribution of critical documents to your staff and customers through an online portal.
  • Tools and support for the creation of step-by-step training guides for your staff, combining video clips and brief passages of text, all accessible via the cloud.
  • Creation of animated explainers for your products or detailed “how to” guides using professional film makers.

In all these cases, Tyndale bridges your business with the talents of its partners and at the same time adds value by providing a technical author’s-eye view of the needs of consumers of your technical information – just as it always has.

Please contact us for more information.

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