Support Services

Technical documents such as operating procedures, user’s guides and manuals require proper maintenance and management if they are to give their maximum value to your business. Tyndale is able to offer assistance with these aspects through the skills of its trusted partners.


Products sold internationally are often required to include information on safe usage and operation in the local language. It also makes commercial sense to help your customers get the most out of a product regardless of the language they speak. Tyndale works with expert translation providers to convert your documents into various languages. The terms used are placed into a ‘translation memory’ which can be used again in future to ensure that your documents contain consistent terminology.

Beyond the translation of documents, we can also assist with the selection and translation of software strings for the user interface. These can be challenging as not only do the terms have to make sense to the reader, but the space available on the screen can be constraining due to the different lengths of equivalent words in different languages. Please contact us for more information.

Storage and Access for Documents

Manuals and other technical documents often require regular updating as a product evolves. All too often, managing this process is the Achilles heel of the chain, because it is common for multiple copies of document versions to exist in different locations. Moreover, you often have no way of knowing if everyone has been informed about an update to a document.

Tyndale recommends Policy Central as a solution to this problem. This is a cloud-based platform that not only allows you to create a single database of the latest documents for your staff and customers, but can also track whether or not they have read and understood them. In other words, it creates a single source of truth for your organisation to rely upon.

Tyndale works with the company behind Policy Central, Kbase Connect, to offer this extremely useful platform either as a way of accessing the documents authored for you by Tyndale, or for your business to adopt as an in-house tool of its own. Please contact us for more information.

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