While a written manual is often a requirement for supporting customers, video has become an increasingly popular way to communicate information about products, their unique features and how to use and maintain them. Certain types of information lend themselves well to video, and many people find learning easier from moving pictures than from text or still images.

Tyndale works with talented film makers to offer clients a variety of video options, such as technical explainers which introduce your product and illustrate its benefits to your potential customers, or targeted ‘How to’ guides for specific processes or operations. These can be tailored to your exact requirements and budget. We work with you to define the required content and then work with the film makers to capture it.

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Creating Simple but Effective Visual Procedures

If your business has a need for relatively short and straightforward procedures to be accessible quickly and easily for training new staff or supporting customers, then Tyndale recommends using software if you want to create them yourselves. Using the video camera now included in all smartphones, and a simple and intuitive software tool, you can quickly assemble a step-by-step guide to any practical process which uses a series of images or video clips accompanied by brief passages of text. This guide is then accessible via the cloud by anyone in your company who needs it and can be viewed on a tablet or even their own phone. Tyndale can also advise or assist with the content creation for these guides.

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