New case study for FFE’s Talentum flame detectors

Tyndale has recently been working a series of technical case studies for FFE, a leading designer and manufacturer of fire detection products. The first of these has now been released, discussing how Talentum flame detectors are protecting a major biomass handling facility in Liverpool – a critical link in the renewable energy supply chain, which requires rapid fire detection in very dusty conditions where false alarms will cause major disruption. Read the full article below.

FFE Biomass Conveyor Case Study

Tyndale writes blog articles to publicise major EU-funded project

Tyndale Technical Authoring has been commissioned by one of its clients to write a series of blog articles to publicise a ground-breaking development project.

For the last two years, Tyndale has been working closely with Hanovia, a leading manufacturer of water treatment systems that use intense ultraviolet light to disinfect product streams in a variety of industries, such as swimming pools, food and beverage manufacture, and pharmaceutical development. Hanovia is part of a consortium that is being funded by the European Union to develop new high efficiency ultraviolet lamps with improved environmental credentials. The project, known as Eco-UV, also involves institutions in Germany and Sweden.

A key requirement of the EU funding is that the results of the project are made available to improve Europe’s competitiveness. The project still has a year to run, but as a start in this process, Tyndale has worked with the project members to write a series of articles introducing UV water treatment and other aspects of the project, which have been published on a dedicated website. As the articles are completed, they are shared on social media to generate interest in the project as a prelude to discussing its results.

The articles can be viewed on the Eco-UV website,