Online guide for flight planning software created by Tyndale

An online user’s manual created by Tyndale is now available for pilots and aircraft operators using FlightPlan, a web-based software application from Hampshire company RocketRoute.

FlightPlan helps users plan a route for their flight, calculate fuel requirements and file the flight plan with the relevant authorities. It also gives users access to valuable information about the location and facilities of airports and aerodromes, as well as comprehensive weather forecasts for Europe, USA and South America. It is designed for anyone with a need to file a flight plan, from individual private pilots to operators of small and medium-sized aviation enterprises.

Until recently, the manual was a PDF-based document that was distributed separately to customers but which was awkward to keep available and up-to-date with the latest features in the software. Tyndale recommended moving to an online manual that could be quickly revised as needed and which would be accessible by all users at any time.

The manual was created using Adobe RoboHelp authoring software, and first went online over the summer. Such is the dynamic nature of this software, it has already been updated to version 1.1 to reflect improvements in the available tools for managing crew and passenger details. This version, which was posted on the RocketRoute website in October 2017, can be viewed in an Internet browser by navigating to and clicking Read the Manual.

Robert Pallant, Director of Tyndale, commented: “We are delighted to have worked with RocketRoute on modernising and improving the support to their customers. It’s also been fascinating to learn more about the aviation industry and the varied needs of the FlightPlan users. While PDF-based manuals still have a place in many industries, a web-based guide that can be readily maintained and updated is more appropriate for an online software application. We look forward to continue working with RocketRoute to keep the manual updated and useful for customers in the future.”


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