Tyndale writes blog articles to publicise major EU-funded project

Tyndale Technical Authoring has been commissioned by one of its clients to write a series of blog articles to publicise a ground-breaking development project.

For the last two years, Tyndale has been working closely with Hanovia, a leading manufacturer of water treatment systems that use intense ultraviolet light to disinfect product streams in a variety of industries, such as swimming pools, food and beverage manufacture, and pharmaceutical development. Hanovia is part of a consortium that is being funded by the European Union to develop new high efficiency ultraviolet lamps with improved environmental credentials. The project, known as Eco-UV, also involves institutions in Germany and Sweden.

A key requirement of the EU funding is that the results of the project are made available to improve Europe’s competitiveness. The project still has a year to run, but as a start in this process, Tyndale has worked with the project members to write a series of articles introducing UV water treatment and other aspects of the project, which have been published on a dedicated website. As the articles are completed, they are shared on social media to generate interest in the project as a prelude to discussing its results.

The articles can be viewed on the Eco-UV website, www.eco-uvinnovation.eu/our-news.


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